Friday, February 20, 2009

Teaching Britney To Dance... Bollywood Style

Rujuta Vaidya - one of Britney's new Choreographers - has said the Following :

"I get a call from Britney Spears' company looking for someone, who could teach her Bollywood steps for an act she is going to incorporate in her international Circus tour"

"I thought I was going to be crazy. When I got that assignment, I wondered if I could top it. Britney had to choose the various choreographers herself and she hired me to bring a Bollywood touch to the show. And now, here I am in Hollywood, training 25 dancers, who will dance as the two Oscar nominated songs from Slumdog Millionaire are played out [at the 81st Annual Academy Awards on February 22]."

"Like I said the other day, Bollywood is on the cusp of becoming part of the mainstream because Bollywood fuses all forms of dance like hip-hop and classical Indian music. This can appeal to a very wide audience, especially those who have accepted Latin American music and dance in the last few decades. I am very glad that I am a part of this emerging phenomenon,"

Source : Rediff

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