Saturday, February 21, 2009

'If U Seek Amy' Video Concept Sketches

According to StarzLife; The following is the concept to the 'If U Seek Amy' Video :

"The concept of the video is for Britney to make her way through an exotic party while 'seeking' a woman named Amy, with many hot and sexy encounters along the way. In an unusual twist, the characters in this video supposedly go from nearly naked to fully dressed, as opposed to the typical strip down with progression format."

"That doesn’t sound very sexy, but the party is supposed to get sexier even as the guests get dressed, and by the end, Britney has gone from wearing a super sexy pair of black leather underwear and dancing around provocatively with “all of the boys and all of the girls”, to putting on a new face and looking like a primp and proper conservative upper class housewife."

"As the video concludes, Britney grabs an apple pie from the kitchen, and is joined by the perfect American family at the front door as they approach a group that awaits on the other side of the picket fence, including paparazzi, autograph seekers, and the media. Apparently it’s going to end with the camera zooming in on Britney’s beautiful smile as she winks to the camera, as if she’s putting on a front for the media and public camped outside her house."

As to how Britney was at the Video Shoot :

"Britney was in total work mode. She was extremely happy and always smiling, and happy about the way the shooting was going as she posted to her fans yesterday via Twitter. Unfortunately though, work mode for Britney meant that when a couple of the poor little girls playing extras asked for a photo with the star, they were denied"
To See The Sketches Of How The Video Is To Look. Click HERE

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