Monday, June 29, 2009

Britney Sun-Bathing In Back Yard With Jason

Sun lovers: Britney and Jason catch the sneaky camera

Britney Goes Brunette

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Michael Jackson Tribute Single ?

The biggest music stars are uniting to release a Michael Jackson tribute single. And Britney Spears is one of them : Reports News Of The World.

The project includes other artists such as Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Black Eyed Peas, and possibly Lily Allen, Lady GaGa and Girls Aloud.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Britney & Jason Stop At Starbucks

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Britney looked insanely hot in daisy dukes and a yellow see through top as she and boyfriend Jason Trawick made a Starbucks pit stop in West Hollywood, CA, on Friday, June 26.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Britney Out & About.... Again

Brit-Brit was seen with Jason in a White Tee, Black Short-shorts & black boots

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'Kill The Lights' To Be Added To Tour Setlist ?

According to a French Radio Station, Kill The Lights is the new number to be added to the Circus Tour.

They say that this information comes from a source in AEG Live.

What song do you think will be added ? Take the poll HERE

'Kill The Lights' To Be Added To Tour Setlist ?

Cute Pic Of Britney & MJ Holding Hands


Michael Jackson Dies, Britney Gives Statement

Britney :

"I was so excited to see his show in London. We were going to be on tour in Europe at the same time and I was going to fly in to see him. He has been an inspiration throughout my entire life and I'm devastated he's gone!"

BTW. It is kinda ironic that Britney was seen leaving 'Target' with Michael's Greatest Hits CD on Monday :

Thursday, June 25, 2009

'Shattered Glass' To Be Replacement For 'Radar' In Australia ?

(Profile Pic)

'Shattered Glass' has been being promoted in New Zealand by Sony Music according to an Australian DJ.

'Radar' charted quite high last year as it was supposed to be 'Blackout's'4th single.

This is why 'Shattered Glass' should & is replacing 'Radar'

Producers Reveals One Of Britney's Old Hobbies

Bloodshy & Avant :

”Britney is an amazing ping-pong player,..... Seriously.”

Source : Filter-Magazine

Ciara Talks Britney

Ciara :

“Everything about Britney makes you like her. I feel like she’s a star. She’s got that energy that’s just magnetic. She just glows. It’s not just one thing about her that makes her cool.”

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Videos : 'In The Zone' Era

Britney rehearses for ABC Special :

Britney plays piano (MTV) :

Britney Candids Round-Up

Britney has been out and about a lot lately, so I thought I would round up all the Pics for you.

June 22 -Britney runs some errands :

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June 22 - Britney Shops At Target :
sunglasses shopping legs dress target singer blonde

June 23 - Britney Grabs A Starbucks :
starbucks leg hair singer denim short shorts fat legs flip flops

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Britney Rehearses New Number With Dancers

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New Message From Britney

Source : Twitter/

Britney Stops At A Gas Station

Monday, June 22, 2009

Britney's A 'Health Nut'

Britney was seen entering/exiting Health Nut (Store)  -  Looking beautiful as always

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'Radar' Music Video To Premiere On July 6th ?

According to, Sony Music Poland have confirmed that the video for Britney's 4th Single off 'Circus' is to be released on the 6th of July.

I do not know how reliable this is.

Britney Driving Around L.A

Nice ring Brit, something to share?

Britney Back In L.A


Britney Spears was seen in Los Angeles yesterday after returning from her Circus show in Dublin.

Ms Spears has two weeks off before her next show in Paris, France on July 4.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

"What's Up Jayden & Preston ?"

New Tweet From Candie's

Profile Photo

Deri Marder's (from Candie's) :

"Thinkin' we should give away those cool pink rhinestone opera glasses Britney used in her Radar video on"

Source : Twitter

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Message From Britney

Britney :

"I want to thank everyone at the Mandarin Oriental in London for the hospitality this month! You made my boys and I feel right at home"

Source : Twitter/

AWW.... So Sweet.  Diva My Ass lol

Britney Leaving London Hotel To Head To Dublin

Britney was seen leaving her London hotel to head to Dublin, Ireland for two gigs.

Britney & Brett Having Lunch In London The_Elder-Britney_Spears_2009-06-18_-_out_shopping_in_London_6214_122_372lo.jpg The_Elder-Britney_Spears_2009-06-18_-_out_shopping_in_London_7161_122_237lo.jpg The_Elder-Britney_Spears_2009-06-18_-_out_shopping_in_London_3239_122_116lo.jpg
Source : BritneyGalerie

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Britney Goes Shopping In London

After shopping all day, Britney stopped off at a trendy hipster UK store Jack Willis: University Outfitters. There she did some more shopping and changed into a new white dress that she had just purchased. She then headed back to her hotel.

Britney Runs To Boots & Starbucks

Britney made a quick stop at a chemist (Boots) & Starbucks in London on her way to the airport (to head to Dublin)

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New Details On Britney's Candie's Commercial

Dari Marder (Candie's) :

“Note to self: pre-order the leather studded, knee high boots that Britney rocks in our Candie’s commercial”

Promotional Poster For Upcoming NYC Shows

Source :

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jamie-Lynn NOT In UK

A few reports suggested that Britney's sister Jamie-Lynn  was with Britney in the UK.

This, however, is NOT true

Britney Heads To Manchester


Britney was seen leaving her London Hotel to head to Manchester for her show tonight.
She was then seen stopping off at McDonald's for a bite to eat.

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Vote 4 Britney - UPDATE

Who's Hot & Who's Not.  Britney vs Jessica.   

Who has the best body in Hollywood ?. Vote HERE

21 Sexiest Commercials - Curious. Vote HERE

Teen Choice Awards:

- Music Single - Circus
- Female Artist 
- Music Tour - 'The Circus'




Ms. Twitter. Vote HERE

Ciara Opening For Britney In North America has confirmed that Ciara will open 'The Final Act of The Circus Starring Britney Spears' in North America

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Britney : "I'm Still The Same Old Silly Britney"

Britney :

"I don't think it's (breakdown) changed me at all. I'm more experienced now and I've learned a lot, but I don't think it's changed me. I'm still the same old silly Britney – ha ha!"

"I don't look at myself as famous. That really freaks other celebrities out, because they do think of themselves as this goddess or this big celebrity, while I think of it as a job."

"I go on stage and do my thing, and then I come off and I'm just like you, you know?"

"I know I'm famous but I don't look at it like other people do. Sometimes it surprises me because I forget that I am famous. I do – I totally forget."

"It took a long time for me just to be happy with me because I was always really worried about what other people thought about me."

"I just like eating tuna and talking to the dancers and watching television, you know."

She said her life has been "Madness" (with paparazzi)

Source : Metro

Britney & Boys Do Their Rounds Of London

Britney was seen going around London today with sons Sean Preston & Jayden james.
They went to London Zoo, for some Lunch & took a walk through Hyde Park.

Looks like she had fun.

See full set of pics HERE & HERE

Jive Records is Pushing for Multiple Grammy Nominations

Submissions for the 2010 Grammy Awards won’t take place until September of 2009, but we are told that Jive Records will push for the final nail in Britney’s comeback: several Grammy nominations. Her album, Circus, was released in November of 2008 and has been one of the biggest selling albums of the past year. All her singles, “Womanizer,” “Circus,” and “If U Seek Amy,” have been major hits as well.

Some may laugh at the prospect of Britney Spears winning several Grammies. However, Grammy voters not only love comebacks, but have also been more keen to dance music lately. The only categories that Britney doesn’t have a chance in are Best Female Pop Vocal Performance (for obvious reasons) and Song of the Year. She is definitely ripe for an Album of the Year nomination as well as one for Record of the Year. She’s also ripe for Best Pop Album.

One year ago, everybody was saying that Britney Spears was over with. Now, Britney is filling up arenas at top ticket prices during one of the worst recessions ever. One has to not only credit Ms. Spears for curbing her destructive behavior, but her management, father, and Jive Records deserve thumbs up as well.

Source: Examiner

Monday, June 15, 2009

Britney & Sons Go Shopping In London

Check out Britney & Entourage shoppong around in London.
Brit hit up Hamley's Toy Store & then an Ice-Cream Parlour

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Britney Arrives Back To Hotel After Final London Show

View full set HERE

Thanks to TheBritneyCircus & UntouchableBritney!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Britney Leaves Hotel & New Twitter Message

Britney : "Check out the view from the front door of my hotel in London. I am truly blessed to have fans like you. Love you guys!"

Check Out full set of Candids HERE

Britney Arrives Back At Hotel After Concert

Rumor Has it that Britney also went to see 'The Hangover' with her Dancers

Britney Recieves 'NewNowNext' Award

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Britney Leaving Hotel To Head To O2 Arena

Britney was seen leaving her Hotel to head to the O2 Arena for her 2nd last show in London.


Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm Baaack!!


As you all know I travelled to London (from Ireland) on Tuesday to see Britney on Wednesday.

It was my first EVER concert & am glad that it was 'The Legendary Miss Britney Spears'

I spent all of Wednesday shaking with anticipation & excitement... Then I arrived at London's O2 Arena.
When I got there I purchased the £20 Program, a Poster & a T-Shirt.

I was Uber-Excited & handed my ticket in.... until security checked my bag which happened to have a -big, professional- camera in it.

I was ordered to give it to them & I thought that this would ruin my night. But... When Britney descended from the ceiling in her graciousness with a Big, Wide Smile : It's like nothing mattered anymore. Britney Spears was in front of me.... the woman I never stop thinking about, the greatest artist in the universe continued to Dance perfectly & Sing in front of me that whole night & was the most fulfilling experience of my life. (While I was looking through my Binoculars Britney looked exactly into them.... She is So sexy lol)

That was the night that I will NEVER EVER Forget.
June 10th 2009 marks the greatest night of my life.

I Love You Britney Spears.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Time Has Arrived :

Today I am headed off to London to see "The Circus : Starring Britney Spears" tomorrow night.

I have never been so excited.

I'll make sure to take lots of Pics & show them when I get back.

Unfortunately, this means I cannot Update the site until then.

But I'll make sure to have fun & ALWAYS carry my Deluxe Edition of 'Circus' and a Permanent Black Marker.... Just in case I run into a certain person. Yeah.... In my dreams lol

Did Britney Attend Beyonce's Tour Last Night ?

Shontelle (Beyonce's Opening Act) :

"Many stars in the house 2nite including, Ciara, @britneyspears, @katyperry and @alexandramusic. Shout em out! ^___^"

Source : Twitter

Rumor Has It That The 2 are staying in the same Hotel aswell......HMMMMM

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Britney Back To Old Radar Shorts

June 3rd :
June 6th :

Kim Kardashian Attending 'The Circus' Tonight

Kim Kardashian (via Twitter) :

"KimKardashianHere in London! Going 2 see Ciara & Britney Spears perform soon! What a show! Work it out @PrincessSuperC! U gotta show me that matrix move"

This is her 2nd time attending 'The Circus'

Katy Perry Loves The Idea Of 'The Circus'

Katy Perry :

"I really want to see (Britney's) show. I hear it's supposed to be amazing and I love those big production shows, because I haven't been able to get to that point yet.

"I love how she uses all the dancers and all the theatrics."

Click HERE to see Katy saying the above (skip to 1.17 mark)

Britney's Night out At Maddox Nightclub

After rocking out the O2 Arena with her ‘Circus’ tour, Britney Spears kept the partying going last night (June 6) by hittting up The Maddox Club in London.

Proving she’s a responsible pop princess, Britney left the UK hotspot at 12:30 am surrounded by an army of bodyguards. She was joined by an unknown male for company who sat next to her in the rear of the vehicle as it made a fast getaway.

See more pics HERE

Source: Faded Youth Blog

Britney Has Bangs!

Last night Britney donned a new hairstyle : Bangs.

I LOVE Britney with bangs... She looks even more Amazing.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Britney To Appear On Alan Carr's New Chat Show ?

Will Britney be on Alan Carr's new Channel 4 chat show, 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man'? The British comedian, posted on his official Twitter account:

"We've got Britney on!!! Well i say that, she recorded all her answers and im lipsynching the questions"

'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' is set to debut on 14th June 2009. I hope this is true, I love Alan Carr, he's hilarious and he's a huge Britney fan too!

Source : UntouchableBritney

Britney's Interview With 'More! Magazine'

Hey Britney.How do you feel about your life now?
I feel positive,I feel much happier,and things are looking good again.I am learnign to relax more and take everything in my stride,and not to place so much pressure on myself.

How does it feel to be perfoming to your "Circus" album?
I have been through a lot and I am really excited about my album.I feel like this is the best work I've done and I've very proud of it.I'
ve really enjoyed the process of putting this album together and it's been jind of theurapetic for me.Music is such a huge part of me.

Are all the songs personal to you?

I think this album speaks to people,especially women,very directly.For me,It's a very personal deep-felt set of songs and I feel I'm trying to express some of my feelings to people in a way that means more to me than just singing different kinds of things.

Photos of you on holiday revealed that you're looking incredible toned now.What's your secret?
I used to be a workout freak,but after i had my kids it was a lot harder for me to get back to that routine.i used to love going to the gym but then as you get older and you have more responsibilities you lose that kind of discippline.Even now I have a much harder time getting mentally physced to train,but once I', at the gym,I start getting into it and i feel great.

How is your life different now that you're on tour?
I like going to bed early and getting up eraly.I just think it's a better way to live my life,especially when I have the kids-I need to have lot of energy because they just have a lot of energy themselves!

And we’ve only seen you on a few nights out with your dancers this time round…
I’m just not that into going out late at night or going to clubs anymore. It’s the last thing I want to do with my life. I’m not interested in being with people who are looking to exploit me. I’m staying close to my family and friends and living very peacefully.
I need my energy from my children and music. I want to show people that I’m a strong woman. I have a lot of great things ahead of me that I want to accomplish.

You seem very relaxed these days. How do you achieve that?
Taking my time these days and not letting myself feel any pressure other than to just feel happy.

Do you feel happy about life now?
There are so many things that I am grateful for. I just want to make the most of this time in my life and build from there. It’s a good feeling.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sean Preston & Jayden James Dancing To Mommie's Songs At Rehearsal

Click HERE To See Sean & Jayden Dance to 'Toxic' & 'Baby One More Time'

Stars in the Making lol.

New Message From Britney + New Pics From 'The Circus' In London

Britney :

"Just wrapped my first show in London. I love all the remixed tracks and new costumes!"