Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm Baaack!!


As you all know I travelled to London (from Ireland) on Tuesday to see Britney on Wednesday.

It was my first EVER concert & am glad that it was 'The Legendary Miss Britney Spears'

I spent all of Wednesday shaking with anticipation & excitement... Then I arrived at London's O2 Arena.
When I got there I purchased the £20 Program, a Poster & a T-Shirt.

I was Uber-Excited & handed my ticket in.... until security checked my bag which happened to have a -big, professional- camera in it.

I was ordered to give it to them & I thought that this would ruin my night. But... When Britney descended from the ceiling in her graciousness with a Big, Wide Smile : It's like nothing mattered anymore. Britney Spears was in front of me.... the woman I never stop thinking about, the greatest artist in the universe continued to Dance perfectly & Sing in front of me that whole night & was the most fulfilling experience of my life. (While I was looking through my Binoculars Britney looked exactly into them.... She is So sexy lol)

That was the night that I will NEVER EVER Forget.
June 10th 2009 marks the greatest night of my life.

I Love You Britney Spears.

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