Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Britney On 'Entertainment Tonight'

OMG. How SEXY Is She ??

And We Gotta To See The Funny Side Of Her That Has Been Missing For A While. YEAH !

HQ Tourbook Scans

Click HERE For HQ Scans of 'The Circus' Tourbook

Source : HeyBritney.com

Britney & The Wig

Look Below for a longer version of the performance

Britney On 'Entertainment Tonight'... Tonight

Can I Just Say.... SEXY & WOW 


Britney : "Wooh... Bitch"

Britney : "It's All About Lingerie"

Britney will be featured on ET Tonight, Giving you special access to her Candie's Wardrobe.

She says "It's all about Lingerie"

Source : UBritney.com

Britney Wears Black Wig For Performance In Texas

There were rumours spreading yesterday that Britney would wear a Black 'Womanizer' (secretary) Wig for her 'Freakshow, Get Naked, Do Somethin' & Slave' Performances.

Thoughts ??

Britney Heads To Texas

Britney was spotted heading on a Private Jet on her way to Texas for her 'Circus' TourPerformance

Source : X17Online.com

Monday, March 30, 2009


Hmmm.....  Xtina was seen wearing a T-Shirt with something that looks like Britney's 'Britney (Album)' Logo on it.

Seriously... If U look at the face.... You can see Britney. I Think

Holly Madison Loves 'Womanizer'

Holly Madison : 

" The songs I love ?...  'Just Dance’ and ‘Poker Face’ by Lady Gaga, and Britney’s ‘Womanizer’"

Britney Fans Gets Their First Taste Of Candie's Ads

Remember when Jenny McCarthy posed on the toilet for Candie’s? Or the time that Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath made out with a lady in the bathroom in his ads for the brand? Now, Britney Spears is following in the time-honored, sugary footsteps of other Candie’s spokesmodels — who also include Fergie, Hayden Panettiere and Hilary Duff — and fans will get their first taste of her spring 2009 campaign for the brand on April 15 in a full-size poster available exclusively in Us Weekly.

According to a press release, the ads for the teen-centric clothing line will feature a collage of celebrity photographer Mark Liddell’s color and black-and-white snapshots of Britney, who is no stranger to posing in skimpy outfits. Earlier this month on BritneySpears.com, Britney gave fans a sneak peek of the shoot, in which she mugged for the camera in a sports bra and panties, a leopard-print crop-top and a plaid dress.

“My favorite set-up was against the gigantic wall of pink cotton candy,” Britney said in a statement about the campaign. Unlike many of the other past campaigns which have taken place in a bathroom setting, no word if there will be any toilets involved in Brit’s ads.

Source: MTV

Courtney Love Twitters About Britney

Courtney Love :

Begin rant..

oh , and this is a seriously real public opinion i would like to give: Britney Spears and her fathers custody of her 27 yr old life?


well nick how the fuck can an old school journo like you just stand there with this? oh okay her meds are better and shes not fucking paps, within minutes if i was to inhabit her, i would get my ass to a walmart buy a gun and seriously shoot anyone in the knees i didnt birth.

its HER life. im outraged!

only in a Los angeles Municipal court of insane drunken elves and dwarves would "the justice system" hand legal power of a WOMAN to a @@@

to a drunken daddy JUST BECAUSE SHE IS AN" EARNER".Disgusting, what universe is this again? Constitution says what?

SPEARS!your right! they are wrong! Perez and LA are NOT the boss of you, that little instinct? that scream? yep. CORRECT! KILL!

YOU are the one onstage. routines and terror? children to protect? i know, use your platform, someone will wake from this MADNESS soon.

End rant..

Source : Courtney Love (Twitter)
Credit : BritneyExclusive

Tour Merchandise : Signed Poster


This is available as Tour Merchandise & Features the full Pic from the Mark Liddell Photoshoot.

Britney Out In LA

Britney Spears is clearly reaping the physical benefits of her gruelling dance routines. 

And the pop babe was happy to show the world, as she headed out in LA yesterday wearing a pair of tight denim hotpants to emphasise her toned legs. 

On a rare day off from her Circus world tour, Britney – clutching a frappuccino in one hand and a water in the other – also turned heads in a backless top. 

It proves that her best days aren't behind her...

Source: The Sun

UK Dance Tribute To Britney

On saturday March 28th 2009, around 400 people gathered at the BBC television centre in London to take part in "Britain on Britney" a light hearted BBC3 documentary on Britney Spears and her fans. Part of the show involved everyone taking part in a dance tribute and heres a sneak peak at the dance! The show will be on BBC3 in the first week of June

New Candie's Ad - Video

Check out a New 'Candie's' Ad which was played right after The Pussycat Dolls performed in Pittsburgh.


New Message From Britney

Britney : "#2 People!!! You guys continue to make me SOOO happy! I truly have the best fans on the planet! CAN’T WAIT for TEXAS tomorrow..."

And By No. 2... She's referring to the fact that she is the Second Most Followed on Twitter

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Britney's 'Candie's' Ad - HQ

Click HERE To View A UHQ Pic of Britney's  'Candie's at Kohl's Ad'

Source : World OfBritney

New Britney Magazine

Heads up, Britney fans! There's a brand new fan magazine called "Blackout"!

This is definitely a treat for us Britney fans - with news, reviews and loads of pictures! Its new, its edgy, its epic. The first issue contains 18 Pages packed with loads of goodies!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Billboard Reviews 'If U Seek Amy'

Britney Spears reunites with the man behind her first hits (". . . Baby One More Time," "Oops! . . . I Did It Again") for another slice of indisputable pop mojo. While the title and chorus have stirred up a bit of controversy, warranting the label to service radio with a tamer "If U See Amy," Spears has certainly proved that she can rise above any negative press. Besides a sensationalistic lyric that does seem to be built around an excuse tospell out the similar-sounding letters in the title, everything else is Max Martin and Spears at their best: astomping dancefloor beat with building synthsprodding the song along andthe singer sounding like she's having a blast being the bad girl. While previous singles were instant top five successes based on first-week digital sales before the release of "Circus," "Amy" is moving up the old-fashioned way, with rising airplay and sales, showing the makings of a true hit.

Source: Billboard

Details Of Britney & Dancers At Dinner

While her contracted road crew can be overly rowdy, the rest of Britney Spears’ tour team are quite the sober, well-behaved bunch.

Spears and her entourage of 20 hit Mad Mex in the Pittsburgh suburb of North Hills on Thursday night for

a completely pleasant two and a half hour meal.

The only caveat laid out in advance by Britney’s team: no Red Bull and no alcohol were to be offered to the table. That, and no flash photography.

The meal came the evening after two road crew members had been arrested by Pittsburgh police, which followed a statement from Britney’s camp saying the roadies had been dismissed and that Spears’ camp would “not tolerate this type of behavior.”

“This meal was a really low-key encounter,” says manager Matthew Salopek.

Britney rolled up in an SUV limo all dinner-casual—in jeans along with a green and white striped shirt.

Moments later the rest of the tour players showed up for the low-key meal. With a table for Britney’s crew, one for her dancers and a separate table for security, the group dined on nachos, burritos and guacamole. Lots of the guac. “They kept commenting that it was a lot like West Coast guac and asking for more,” says Salopek. “We brought tons.” For beverages the group had only soda and water per previous orders.

Britney Spears had the nachos grande plate “which is a meal onto itself. She was in a good mood—smiling and talking.”

As word leaked out about the superstar’s presence, more and more locals started to find their way into the restaurant. However, the Brit-group was left to itself, no doubt due to the three security guards working the room. “They were unassuming but a presence,” says Salopek. “One of the guys was really big.”

“No one went up to them. People in the restaurant seemed to take the whole thing in stride.”

And the major celebrity was pretty great as well. “I’ve worked with far-lesser stars who were a much greater pain,” says Salopek. “They were really low-key and it was just nice to have them.”

“And they tipped well.”

Indeed, after their meal was done, Britney made a quick exit with a smile and a simple good-bye.

“Other than the security guard, and one huge international star,” says Salopek, “it was really was a run-of-the-mill evening.”

Source: Celebuzz.com

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Message From Britney

Britney : "Had a great dinner with all of the dancers last night!."

Rodney Jerkins & Lady GaGa Wrote A Song For Britney

Darkchild (via Twitter) :

"Me and Lady Gaga wrote a smash for Britney called "Telephone" the label didnt out it on the lp. It should be out right now!!! Its too hot!!!"

OMG. So Cool.
What does he mean by "It should be out right now" ??

Britney Wins Australian VMA

Britney won 'Best Moves in a Music Video' for 'Circus' at the Australian VMA's

Well Done B... Another VMA to add to your collection

Britney To Perform With Michael Jackson ?

Britney Spears is reportedly in talks to join Michael Jackson onstage in London.

The Thriller singer is due to play 50 gigs at the British capital's O2 Arena later this year and throughout 2010.

And he is said to be keen to have the Toxic hitmaker join him on stage during some of the shows.

A source tells The London Paper, "Michael knows that stretching out all those shows and keeping it fresh is going to be hard, and one way to do this is to collaborate with some other big stars that he admires.

"The idea would be for them to do five dates each with him. As well as Britney and Justin, he's in talks with producer Timbaland about doing some of the dates too."

Meanwhile, recent reports have claimed that Jackson, 50, has requested that he arrive for each of his dates at The O2 Arena by boat, rather than car or helicopter.

Source : Showbizspy

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jamie-Lynn Calls Off Wedding

OK! Magazine's Source :

“The wedding’s off,” 

“They are still in love, living together and very happy, but they have no plans to get married. Jamie Lynn has everything she wants and feels no need for a ring and piece of paper.”

“She and Casey have weathered a lot in their young relationship already and don’t need the pressure of making wedding plans.”

Source : OK! Magazine

Britney's Body Is Mad Crazy

Britney Spears

The longer her Resurrection of Britney Tour rolls on, the hotter Ms. Spears appears to get.

Brit left her Jessica Simpson mom jeans at home and showed off her slammin' physique at her show in DC last night.

It only takes $2.7 million in lawyer fees to look this good.

Source: TMZ

Britney's ~Body

Britney Spears

'Britney : For The Record' DVD Scans

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Poll On Britney.com

A New Poll was put on Britney.com & has the following question :

'What do YOU Think The Next Circus Single Should Be ?'

Remember the last time that question was asked... 'If U Seek Amy' got the Highest Vote & ended up becoming the official single. 

So... Make the right choice.

Britney Says 'Merry Christmas' During Tour

Britney said 'Merry Christmas' To her audience in Washington DC last night.
(Skip to .50)

Poor Britney...

Britney Fell During her 'Get Naked' Performance in Toronto
(Skip to 1.15)

Britney's Next Single Off 'Circus' Is...

According to X17Online.com, The Next single off 'Circus' will be 'Radar'.

Well, It makes sense, after all it was put on 'Circus' after being on 'Blackout'

What Do Ya'll Think ??

Britney Presented With Platinum Plaque From Jive

Jive Records presented Britney with a plaque yesterday to certify 1 million units sold! Circus was certified Platinum by the RIAA! Congratulations Brit! 

Britney and manager, Larry Rudolph, met with Barry Weiss, Chairman of BMG Label Group, Tom Carrabba, Peter Thea and Teresa LaBabera- Whites, to celebrate the great news.

See more pics

Source: BritneySpears.com

Britney At Tribe Afterparty

See More Pics HERE

Source : BritneySpears.com


Since Most Of You Do Not Want Me To Close This Blog I Will Continue For A While Longer....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Sorry

Hey Guys... Sorry Bout The Lack Of Updates Recently (not that there has been much news lol).

Umm... I Want To Ask Ya'll A Question & Please Answer Honestly.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Vote Britney As 'Best celebrity Mum'


Vote For Britney as 'Best Celebrity Mum'

Other runners are : Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, Jade Goody, Madonna & Xtina.

You Know What To Do. (Click Pic)

Tour Merchandise Prices

merchandise price list.jpg
Click The Pic Above For Full List

Source : BritneySpears.com

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Britney To Attend Wango Tango Event ?

JoJo from KIIS FM reportedly hinted at a possible appearance by Britney at this year's Wango Tango. KIIS FM also added a new ad to their official site and Wango Tango is written very Circus style, if you know what I mean. According to the site, artists participating in the event will be announced on Monday at 7AM. Exciting!

Source : UBritney & Kiis FM

Happy Mother's Day

I Would Like To Wish All The Mother's A Very Happy Mother's Day & Especially Britney Who Has Worked Immensely Hard Over The Past few Months.

I Hope She Enjoys The Day With Both Sean Preston & Jayden James.

'Circus' Tour Costumes Inspired By Lingerie


Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Message From Britney

Britney : "Went to Tribe in Montreal with the dancers after the show last night. We had a really great time. 2 days off in a row!"

New Candie's Ad


Candies released a new Promo Ad with the 2009 Candie's Girl on it.

Who could that Candie's Girl be.... ?? Oh Ya.... BRITNEY

Looks HOT

Britney On Red Carpet At Tribe Hyperclub


Britney attended the official AfterParty of her Circus Tour at Tribe Hyperclub in Montreal Last night.

She walked the Red Carpet as she entered the club.

She Looks WOW

More HQ Pics HERE

Here We Go Again...

As You Can See.... Xtina left a little message to her little fans saying the following :

"Yes, me and Britney used to be friends when we were children. No, I would not choose her as a friend now. Totally different people xx"

She then followed that post by saying :

"Apologies if my last comment offendedany Britney fans, I think she is a great performer and I admire and respect her, we're just different"


New Dance Break Added To 'Baby One More Time'

Second Montreal Date Added To Tour

BritneySpears.com can officially announce that Britney will be BACK IN MONTREAL for a second show on Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at the Bell Centre.

Tonight's Montreal show was the quickest to sell out and has sold the most tickets for a single date on this tour.

Tickets go on sale Monday, March 23 at noon. Tickets are available at the Bell Centre Box Office

Source : BritneySpears.com

Friday, March 20, 2009

Britney Attending 'Circus' Afterparty Tonight


Britney is attending an afterparty after her Circus Show in Montreal Tonight

Source : BritneySpears.com

Some Performances From Last Night - UPDATED

The Video includes clips from Piece Of Me, Radar, Boys, Me Against The Music, Do Somethin' & Baby One More Time.


Here's Britney performing 'Toxic' in which she says "What's Up Toronto ?" during the performance.

Britney Leaving Hotel For Concert

New Version Of 'Womanizer' Performance

PLUS : Click HERE For Pics from Last Night

Stars Talk Britney

Lindsay Lohan : "She’s marketed as an entertainer, which is what she is. Not necessarily as, like, an artist. And I respect that about her, cause she doesn’t want to pretend.

Lady GaGa : "I used to go to TRL with my girlfriends after school sometimes just to see Britney's fingernail in the window.

"I've gotta say 'Slave 4 U' was a moment for everyone. When that bitch came out with that slamin' body and that sweaty video we were all like, 'We can't hate on you.' She ended every pop diva queen's life. It's a good video."

Source : Just Jared & Extra

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Voting Time

Vote Britney as 'Most Influential Person of 2009' HERE

Vote Britney in FHM's '100 Sexiest Women In The World' HERE

Vote for 'If U Seek Amy' Video HERE (Half Way Down the Page, Right Side)

Britney Comments On Rishi Rich's 'Me Against The Music' Remix

Britney :

"I love Rishi Rich's remix to my song 'Me Against the Music.' It's one of my favorite numbers and the sexy lengha I wore was really cool too. I love all the colors!"

Source : DesiHits

Interview With Rujuta Vaidya

Britney Interacts More With Toronto Audience

Every Night at 'The Circus' so far, Britney just said the following before singing 'Everytime' :

"What's Up ____, How Are Ya'll Doin' Tonight ?" 

"With this next song I'm gonna slow it down a bit, It's a Ballad and it's called Everytime... Hope you guys Like It"

Last Night, however, she seemed to have a little more confidence, and interacted with the crowd a bit more. Watch the Video above.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Britney Nominated For 2 MTV Japan VMA's - Updated

MTV Japan announced that Britney is nominated for 2 MTV Video Music Awards Japan

Not Exactly Sure what Categories she's Nominated In.. But will try to find out.
Stay Tuned...

UPDATE : She's Nominated for :  

'Best Female Video' - Womanizer
'Best Video of the Year' - Womanizer

Gwyneth Paltrow : Britney Is Wild

Gywneth Paltrow : 

"It's obvious if you're wild you're drawing the attention, like Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears"

Source : Daily Dish

'If U Seek Amy' Music Video No.1 On iTunes


The Music Video for 'If U Seek Amy' was released on iTunes yesterday & is already No.1 on Top Music Videos.

Well Done Brit... Now lets make the Song No.1

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Message From Britney

Britney : "Just want to thank all of my beautiful fans for making me number 3 on Twitter! Love you guys!"

Megyn Kelly's Reaction To 'Amy' Video

'If U Seek Amy' Music Video Officially Available On iTunes

Britney's music video for "If U Seek Amy" has officially hit iTunes today!!!

CLICK HERE! to purchase it for just $1.99.

In fact, the video is already one of the most bought Britney videos off iTunes... EVER!

You Know What To Do....

Lady GaGa Talks Britney... Again


Lady GaGa :

"It was great writing for her. "She was very sweet and she was very excited to do this song. It's an honor to do anything for Britney Spears - she is such an iconic pop figure for my generation. 

"It was wonderful."

Happy St. Patrick's Day

HappyStPatricksDay.jpg image by Volcomgrl1029

Monday, March 16, 2009

Statement Regarding Britney's Tour Collaborations

BritneySpears.com just posted the following statement :

"Despite rumors otherwise, at the moment Britney has no plans to collaborate with anyone in the near future at any of her upcoming performances.

P.S. David Alexander is not Britney's stylist nor have we ever heard of him."

'If U Seek Amy' Music Video Added To MTV & Yahoo!

The Music Video for 'If U Seek Amy' has been added to both MTV (website) & Yahoo!.

Is it just me or is the YouTube Video from BritneyTV (in HQ) the Best Quality... to Date.

Britney Adding Tour Dates To France ?


According to French Site Ozap.com... Britney will add 3 Concerts to the 'Circus Tour' in France.

The shows will take place on July 4, 5 & 6 in Bercy, Paris (Tickets go on sale April 3rd)

It will be officially anounced next week on BritneySpears.com.

BTW. The above Pic is a cap from the 'Sweet Dreams' Tour Interlude

Britney To Become Baptist Minister ?

GLORY be! Pop babe Britney Spears wants to be a Baptist minister.

The “born-again” singer has stunned her family and friends by announcing she’ll take to the pulpit when her music career is over.

And Brit, 27, who has recently recovered from a psychiatric nightmare, is already revealing her evangelical zeal on her Circus world tour.

As well as banning booze and smoking backstage – as the Daily Star Sunday revealed last week – she has ordered her support act The Pussycat Dolls and her entire army of back-up singers, dancers and musicians to undergo drug tests before the 34 American gigs.

And she has insisted her sons Sean, three, and Jayden, two, are led away when she changes into skimpy outfits.

Britney, who earlier dabbled in Kabbalah and Scientology, has told her inner circle she’s determined to live a “clean life” and return to her Southern Baptist roots.

She intends to go back to her home town of Kentwood, Louisiana, when her singing days are over to become one of that church’s few female ministers.

A pal said: “Brit’s always believed in God and she was brought up in a family of church-goers. But her spirituality was re-awakened in rehab.

“She was introduced to a 12-step programme which advocates turning your life over to a ‘higher power’.

“She fully understands the mayhem she’s wreaked in the past, costing her custody of her kids and almost wrecking her career.

“She hopes that becoming an ordained minister will not only allow her to make spiritual amends to herself, it will also allow her to help and counsel those who need it.”

A source close to Britney’s ex-husband Kevin Federline said: “Britney now compared with Britney 18 months ago is like the difference between night and day.

“But her parents are pretty aghast at the idea of her becoming a preacher. They’re hoping it’s a passing phase.

“It’s difficult to knock someone who wants to enter the church and is pretty much living like a saint – apart from when she’s peeling off her clothes on stage!

“But the idea of her taking holy orders has caused real consternation.”

In the meantime, the singer is making sure her young sons’ eyes are shielded from any signs of sin.

The pal said: “It’s time for them to leave her shows about 45 minutes in – when she switches to a costume featuring nipple tassels.

“They’d been loving the show in Tampa, Florida.

“But Britney’s mom Lynne knew to quietly lead them away during a brief interlude, before her daughter reappeared with the black tassels.

“There’s no way Brit wants her kids to see her dressed like that, with guys in the audience making obscene gestures and remarks.”

That could impress the Baptists who boast a huge following in America’s “Bible Belt”.

A spokesman for them said: “We would welcome anyone to train for the ministry, so long as their motives were in keeping with church beliefs and practices and their desire to serve was honest and true.”

Source: Daily Star

Britney's Mohegan Show Postponed

Britney Spears has postponed her March 26th performance at the Mohegan Sun.

The reschedule is due to the grand size of the show's production, including a 360-degree stage, acrobatic apparatus and intense visual effects.

The show has been postponed until May 2nd and May 3rd. Both shows begin at 7:30 p.m.

Ticket holders should retain their tickets because they will be honored for the May 3rd show. Refunds are available.

Source : HartfordCourant.com

Poll Closed


Circus -10 - (20%)

Piece Of Me - 6 - (12%)

Radar - 0 - (0%)

Boys - 3 - (6%)

If U Seek Amy - 9 - (18%)

Me Against The Music - 1 - (2%)

Freakshow/Get Naked - 3 - (6%)

Breathe On Me/Touch Of My Hand - 6 - (12%)

Slave - 2 - (4%)

Toxic - 1 - (2%)

Baby One More Time - 2 - (4%)

Womanizer - 5 - (10%)

Total Votes : 48

Looks Like The Most Liked Performance Is 'Circus'

Check Out The All New Poll

Sunday, March 15, 2009

'If U Seek Amy' Single Scans

Scans from the Physical Disc of 'If U Seek Amy'

Source : Osdia.es 

BoA - Look Who's Talking (Co-Written By Britney)

This is a new song from Korean Singer 'BoA' called 'Look Who's Talking'

The song was Co-Written by Britney. 

It's Amazing... Good Job Brit !!

Rumor : Britney To Perform At 'Live Fest' In August

Visit-Montenegro.com just Posted an article which included the following lines :

"According to our unofficial sources, American pop singer and the world’s megastar Britney Spears will perform on 'Live Fest' in Budva in August 2009"

"'Live Fest' will be held from 5th to 10th August at Jaz Beach"

Last Night's Show...

Britney brought her 'Circus Tour' to New Jersey for the 2nd Night last night...

And Rosie O' Donnell was in the Audience.

Also... Britney wore a New Outfit for 'Slave' :

Even tough I noticed in the 2 min. Rehearsal Clip from Candie's, She was actually wearing that outfit for Do Somethin'.

Check it out yourself HERE (skip to 1.13)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Britney & Dancers Go Bowling

Britney went bowling with the dancers after last night's show in New Jersey.

Brit says: 

"Went bowling with my dancers last night. We had the best time. PS- I got a strike!"

Congrats Brit!

Source : BritneySpears.com

If U Seek Amy (Music Video) - MP4 download

(Click Above for Mp4 Download)

New Mark Liddell Outtake

This is a New Outtake from last years Mark Liddell Photoshoot.

Click Pic To Enlarge.

Pic Source : UBritney.com

Surprise Audience Guest Last Night Was...

The Celebrity that attended Britney's 'Circus Show' last Night was Fergie.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Britney Not Dating Jason Trawick

Jason Trawick and Britney Spears

Forget the false reports: Britney Spears is not seeing her longtime agent Jason Trawick, a source close to Spears tells Usmagazine.com.

"They are absolutely, 100 percent not dating," the source tells Us. "He is her agent, and that is it."

E! News reported Wednesday that Spears was secretly stepping out with Trawick, but the insider tells Us, "They have never gone out on a date.

"He has been her agent for four years, and they are very close friends," the source continues. "He gets on with her family, but there is absolutely categorically nothing romantic going on.

"Jason was on the road with Britney for three of her tour dates, but that is because he is close friends with her brother Bryan, and that's what agents do -- they support their clients," the source goes on. "Any stories of them being together are completely and utterly made up."

Source : USMagazine.com