Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Britney Not Happy With Performances.... To Change Setlist ?

According to sources close to Britney, after watching the tour on the tour bus after leaving the Tampa performance, Britney was not happy with what she saw.

She said, "I do not know .. I'm just not feeling it. We really need to work on some things. "

The source says that some areas that could possibly be changed after maybe getting the next 2 days off tour, which she will use to practice some more edgy performances that were that were left off the setlist, are the closing ceremonies.

While Britney loved the sparks raining, the performance before it was lackluster at best. She said "Damn, I sucked." Rumor has it she will change up the Womanizer performance and make it a medley with the song "Shattered Glass" that was not originally featured on the setlist.

The "I'm Scared" cover, originally by Duffy, might be on its way out in favor of the dreamy "You Unusual."

She also hated the performances of "Do Somethin '" and "Touch of My Hand." She felt that Do Somethin 'lacked the dancing that is necessary in the song and you have to make the decision whether she will maintain the song on the setlist and edit the performance or change over to a song like "Gimme More" or "Mannequin."

As for "Touch of My Hand", she said, "I'm just not feelin it ... it's too dry .." so she may want to change over to a song like "Heaven on Earth from Blackout.
One other thing she was upset about was the corset metal used in the "Slave" performance. "It's difficult to dance in," she said, "The original performance includes dancing more than i have shown because of the corset, you try dancing in metal."

Source : Osdia.es
Translation : The Britney Circus

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