Saturday, March 28, 2009

Details Of Britney & Dancers At Dinner

While her contracted road crew can be overly rowdy, the rest of Britney Spears’ tour team are quite the sober, well-behaved bunch.

Spears and her entourage of 20 hit Mad Mex in the Pittsburgh suburb of North Hills on Thursday night for

a completely pleasant two and a half hour meal.

The only caveat laid out in advance by Britney’s team: no Red Bull and no alcohol were to be offered to the table. That, and no flash photography.

The meal came the evening after two road crew members had been arrested by Pittsburgh police, which followed a statement from Britney’s camp saying the roadies had been dismissed and that Spears’ camp would “not tolerate this type of behavior.”

“This meal was a really low-key encounter,” says manager Matthew Salopek.

Britney rolled up in an SUV limo all dinner-casual—in jeans along with a green and white striped shirt.

Moments later the rest of the tour players showed up for the low-key meal. With a table for Britney’s crew, one for her dancers and a separate table for security, the group dined on nachos, burritos and guacamole. Lots of the guac. “They kept commenting that it was a lot like West Coast guac and asking for more,” says Salopek. “We brought tons.” For beverages the group had only soda and water per previous orders.

Britney Spears had the nachos grande plate “which is a meal onto itself. She was in a good mood—smiling and talking.”

As word leaked out about the superstar’s presence, more and more locals started to find their way into the restaurant. However, the Brit-group was left to itself, no doubt due to the three security guards working the room. “They were unassuming but a presence,” says Salopek. “One of the guys was really big.”

“No one went up to them. People in the restaurant seemed to take the whole thing in stride.”

And the major celebrity was pretty great as well. “I’ve worked with far-lesser stars who were a much greater pain,” says Salopek. “They were really low-key and it was just nice to have them.”

“And they tipped well.”

Indeed, after their meal was done, Britney made a quick exit with a smile and a simple good-bye.

“Other than the security guard, and one huge international star,” says Salopek, “it was really was a run-of-the-mill evening.”


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