Friday, July 31, 2009

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Britney/Candie's iPhone App In The Works ?

Dari Marder (Candie's) :

"Workin' on a Britney/Candie's iPhone fun!"

Friday, July 17, 2009

Britney To Re-Choreograph 'The Circus' ?

Jaquel Knight (Tour Choreographer) :

"By the time @LuBrown see the Circus Tour, @britneyspears would have RE-Choreographed the entire show!! Get into those SoManySkills of hers.."

Candie's TV Spot Like A Mini 'Radar' Video

Dari Marder (Candie's) :

"Just approved the final Britney TV's like a mini "Radar" video."

Paris Hilton : "Britney Used Me"

Paris Hilton :

"Britney, You know, like, I loved her like a sister, like, I really believed she was my friend and she just completely, like, used me, like, she didn't even care about our friendship, like, all she cared about was making her music career."

UGH. I bloody Hate Her..... She was the one USING Britney

Britney Spent Time With Dallas Austin 2 Weeks Ago ?

The NY Post has sources claiming that Britney spent a few nights with Dallas Austin (producer) at his house 2 weeks ago in Atlanta.

"It was just the two of them for a few nights."

They "discussed music, life, and work."

Dallas' Rep :

"They are good friends and have been for a long time."

Cascada Opening For Britney in Germany

A German site has stated that Cascada will be the opening act for Britney in Berlin, Germany on July 26th.

Britney's New Fragrance : 'Circus Fantasy'

Britney is set to release her 8th Perfume with Elizabeth Arden, called 'Circus Fantasy' in September.

New Slogan:

“Get ready to enter a mystic and magical world that will leave you completely amazed.”

Britney Candids Update

Juky 15th - Britney & Kids On A Yacht In Sweden :
Click to view full size image

July 15th - Britney Has Lunch In Sweden Hotel :
Click to view full size image

July 16th - Britney Arrives At Finland Airport :

Click Pics above to view full sets

Thursday, July 16, 2009

MTV : "Should Britney perform at this year’s VMAs ?"

MTV (via Twitter) :

"Should Britney perform at this year’s VMAs? Yes or No!"

Rumored Billboard Twitter :

@MTV: Should Britney perform at this year’s VMAs? Yes or No! - (we say: Britney Spears is confirmed)

New Message From Britney

Britney :

"Went for a boat ride with my boys. Sweden is one of the most beautiful places in the world! Back in the studio with Max! Tmw Helsinki"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Britney Recording New CD ?

Rumors are flying around that Britney is in the process of recording songs for either a 'Circus' Re-Release, the rumored 'Christmas' Album OR another 'Greatest Hits' Album.

Here is why we think so :

  • Britney left a message saying she was in the recording studio with Max Martin
  • Adam Leber said he was in the studio with Max Martin listening to some new tracks.
  • Olivia & Miriam Nervo have been asked to write songs for Britney
  • Fernando Garibay said on his Twitter that Britney 'was coming soon'

Britney's ET Exclusives

Dave Meyers Talks About 'Radar' Music Video

Dave Meyers (Radar Video Director) :

"She was in a really good headspace and open to trying new things, and I wanted to try some new things with her too,"

"It kind of was a great celebration of trusting one another. ... Now we're sort of both seasoned in our own rights, so it's like two people coming back together, trying to do something fresh and new ... seeking out an actual different technique and stylistic choices and trying to find a form to celebrate them in."

"I thought, 'It's not the first single [from Circus]. Let's be a little experimental and push to not have her around dancers,'"

"I feel, I guess, that the videos are a chance for her to vocalize a sense of herself. The media tends to attack her, so I thought, 'Let's show the classy side of Britney and focus on a classy experience, very European-inspired.' And she's at the point in her career where I think this would be a nice step."

"Everyone seems to watch (Britney)"

"She kind of filled [Madonna's] shoes,"

"[But] everything is done in a Britney way. She's not Madonna, and Madonna is not Britney. It seems like Madonna made the same choices that were right for her at the time, to class her up when she had just done a sexpot video. She was riding that image train too. She was leading that image train, and I think that Britney has done that as well."

He wanted the video to show a "Classy Side" of Britney

Britney Candids Update

July 12th - Britney Leaves Hotel In Stockholm :
Click to view full size image

July 12th - Britney Arrives At Recording Studio In Stockholm :
Click to view full size image

July 12th - Britney Leaves Recording Studio In Stockholm :
Click to view full size image

July 13th - Britney & Kids Leave Hotel In Stockholm :
Click to view full size image

Click Pics above to view Full set

Credit : UntouchableBritney

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Britney & Sons Leaving Arena In Copenhagen

Click to view full size image

Brit was seen leaving a Copenhagen arena after performing with her Circus.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Britney Arrives At Airport In Copenhagen With Sons

Click to view full size image

Brit-Brit was seen arriving at a Copenhagen airport with Jayden James on arm.

Wearing a pink blouse, jeans, boots & straightened hair, Brit looked Beautiful (as always)

Click Pic above to view full set

ET Preview : Backstage With Britney

Thursday, July 9, 2009

MTV : "Who Do You Want To See Perform At The 2009 VMA's ?"

MTV (via Twitter) :

"Who do you want to see perform at the 2009 VMAs?"

You must all reply 'Britney Spears'.

Come on guys.... Overload their twitter with responses looking for Britney.

Click HERE

'People Magazine' Scans


Scans from the new edition of 'People Magazine' which features pictures of Britney Backstage of 'The Circus' & a few qoutes from Britney herself

Click Pics above to view full size

Britney Candids - Paris

July 8th - Britney Leaving paris Hotel :
Click to view full size image

July 8th - Britney On Balcony With Family :
Click to view full size image

July 9th - Britney Drops Off Kids At Hotel In France :
Click to view full size image

July 9th - Britney Leaves Paris Hotel With Kids :
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Click Pics above to view full sets

New Candie's Promo Pic

Britney Leaves Paris Hotel With Kids

Click to view full size image

Britney leaves Paris Hotel with kids on Tuesday night

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Candie's Promo - Unedited

Un-Edited :

Edited :

Isn't It Great To Have Natural Beauty

Britney Wearing Same Dress She Tried On 2 Weeks Ago

Slow News Day...

June 25th :
Click to view full size image

July 7th (Yesterday) :
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Britney At The Eiffel Tower

Britney was spotted heading to the Eiffel Tower in Paris with her boys to have some "beautiful" dinner.

Click Pic to view full set

New Message From Britney

Britney :

"Just had dinner with my boys in the Eiffel tower. So beautiful!"

Source : Twitter/

Britney 4th Highest Paid Celebrity Under 30

Britney is the fourth best paid celeb under the age of 30; Earning $35 Million in the past 12 months.

The top 5 are as follows :

1. Beyonce - $87 million
2. Kimi Raikkonen - $45 million
3. LeBron James - $40 million
4. Britney Spears - $35 million
5. Roger Federer - $33 million

Britney Arrives Back To Paris Hotel With Her Kids

Click to view full size image

Britney was seen arriving back at her Paris hotel with her two kids in tow

Click Pic to view full set

Britney Leaving Hotel To Head To Arena

Click to view full size image

Britney was seen leaving her hotel in Paris to head to her last show in France

Click pic to view full set

New 'Freakshow' Outfit

Britney's Candie's Photoshoot Barely Re-Touched

Dar Marder (Candie's) :

"By the way, @PerezHilton, those shots were hardly retouched at all!"

This was in reply to PerezHilton, who said that the Promos were too Photoshopped.
It's not Britney's fault she's so naturally beautiful.

'Radar' Music Video Now Available On iTunes

Go Buy the 'Radar' Music Video NOW at iTunes.

New 'Get Naked' & 'Toxic/BOMT' Outfits


Behind The Scenes Of The 'Radar' Music Video

Monday, July 6, 2009

'Radar' Music Video Has Officially Premiered

.... at

Click HERE to view a smaller (but better quality) version of Britney's 'Radar' Music Video

New Message From Britney

Britney :

"Happy birthday daddy. Meet you for dessert after the show!"

Source : Twitter

New Candie's Promos


Click on Pics above to view Larger

Backstage Pics Of Britney To Be Featured In People Magazine ?

Jeremy Cowart ( Photographer) :

"Editing understage photos of Britney Spears that will go in this week's issue of People Magazine on wed. Talk about fast turnaround!"

Source : Twitter

New Candie's Promos

Click HERE to view some New & Amazing promos that Britney shot for Candie's

SO Hot, Mature & Sexy

Britney Heads Back To hotel After Dinner

Brit-Brit was seen heading back to her hotel in Paris after she went for dinner with her dancers last night.

Click Pic to view to full set

Pics Of Paris Show - July 5th

HQ :

MQ :

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mannequin Tour Performance

Britney Leaves Paris Hotel After Show To Go For Dinner With Dancers

Britney was seen leaving her Paris hotel after going back there after her 2nd Concert in France

Click Pic to view full set

Willie Gomez (via Twitter) :

"Great 2nd show in Paris now at dinner with Brit n the Dancers :) good times"

Britney Reveals New Tour Number - UPDATE


Britney :

"Mannequin's going into the show tonight for the first time. I’m really excited for everyone to see it!"

Source : Twitter/


Click Pic to view full set

Videos Of Paris Show - UPDATED

Saturday, July 4, 2009

No New Number For 'The Circus' Tonight

Unfortunately, No new number was added to 'The Circus' in Paris tonight.

Rumour has it that it'll be added on Monday

Britney Leaves Hotel & Heads To Arena

Britney was seen leaving a hotel in Paris to head to the P.0.P.B concert hall for her first France show with 'The Circus'

Click Pic to view full set

The Making Of 'Radar' Music Video On ET Monday

Entertainment Tonight will broadcast the making of “Radar” music video including an interview with Britney on Monday, July 6.

Stay tuned for a video.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Vote 4 Britney

Vote Britney as Best Female Solo Artist on 'Tweeter Wall' - HERE

Vote for Britney in the 3 Music Categories of Teen Choice Awards - HERE

Britney One Of The Highest Nominees For 2009 VMA's ?

Billboard Music :

"Green Day, Beyoncé, Lady GaGa, Britney Spears & Black Eyed Peas probably are the highest nominees of the MTV Video Music Awards 2009."

Source : Twitter

Britney To Release New Music This Winter ?

Billboard :

"NEWS: Britney Spears will release new songs this North American WINTER."

Source : Twitter

Sounds Official.... Coz It Is Billboard

Britney On Balcony With Her Kids

Britney was seen spending some time with her kids on her balcony yesterday (Thursday)

Click Pic for full set of Candids

Britney Grabs A Starbucks

Britney was seen grabbing a Starbucks in Calabasas yesterday (Thursday)

Click pic for full set of Candids

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Britney #1 On OK!'s 10 Best Bodies Of 2009

#1: Britney Spears

"She has the ideal body," Ashley Greene tells OK! of Brit, 27, who burns up to 550 calories an hour on the Circus stage. In L.A., Brit does two-hour cardio and strength sessions three times a week and relies on Sunfare's, 1,200-calorie-a-day deliveries. 

Click HERE to see the full list 

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Britney Spends Day On Yacht & Goes Shopping With Her Kids

Britney and her kids on a yacht in Marina Del Rey :
Britney with her kids shopping at Fred Segal in West Hollywood :

Click Pics above to view full sets
Source : UntouchableBritney

New Message From Britney

Britney :

"Had a great day with my boys yesterday on a boat. Was so much fun."

Source : Twitter/

Lady GaGa On Britney... Yet Again

Lady GaGa :

"I was 13 when Britney became a star,"

"I was amazed by the level of the superfan that Britney created. I want to bring back the feeling that I used to feel."

Source : Maxim

'Radar' Music Video - Leaked