Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ciara Talks Britney

Ciara :

“Everything about Britney makes you like her. I feel like she’s a star. She’s got that energy that’s just magnetic. She just glows. It’s not just one thing about her that makes her cool.”


  1. Caira is such a wonderful singer and has a stunning figure too, Have you seen her in latex outfit? She looks awesome in it.

  2. Ciara was always the most beautiful model for me and ever an inspiration to paint some drawings. I'm not the best artist at all but Ciara is a truly inspiration for me if she looks so sensual and nice. Personally, I don't like these modern fetish fashion which seems a new trend for celebrities for wearing fetish stuff as I recently saw on Maybe, I'm old school but a great model doesn't need such fashion for me.