Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Britney Gets 'Magical' For Tour Comeback

Britney Spears has hired the services of an illusionist to make sure her comeback concerts next month really are magic.

The pop star has been working with top TV magician Ed Alonzo - and she'll have a few tricks up her sleeve, literally.

Alonzo tells In Touch Weekly, "She’ll be singing, dancing and doing illusions at the same time."

Meanwhile, the singer has been rehearsing eight hours a day, often in a string bikini, to perfect her dance moves with Indian choreographer Rujuta.

He says, "Britney is a perfectionist."

Rujuta reveals Spears is planning a Bollywood-inspired duet with Madonna.

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OMG... How cool this this sound ?? & How Excited does it make you feel ??

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