Thursday, February 12, 2009

Details On 'Amy' Video Shoot : Day 2

Details of The Second Day of the Video Shoot for 'If U Seek Amy' have come to light.

X17 Source :

"First off, there was a LOT of dancing. Yesterday just focused on getting the dancing part of the video done. Britney looked great, very smooth and focused. And no need to fear, the short wig was gone and Britney had beautiful long hair. The outfits were basically the opposite of what they were the day before. They were all very flashy, fun and sexy."

"During our dinner break, Britney and friends actually sat with the crew which was really cool. She was laughing and having fun the whole time. She's actually really cute with her natural hair too. She had it all slicked back because of the wig she had on earlier. But yeah the shoot has been going really well and the video should be amazing."

In Touch Weekly Source : Drawing from real-life experience, the songstress starts off as a sexy housewife. "In the first shot, she's dressed in a pink tank top and white skirt, with two kids and a husband donning preppy J. Crew attire," an insider tells In Touch. "Britney hands the paparazzi an apple pie over a white picket fence while the family of actors watch." The video, directed by Jake Nava, later features a "provocative" Britney in a "black bustier and snakeskin ripped leggings" as she dances in a kitchen scene.

Though the pop princess was hard at work, an insider claims she never ate during shooting, only sipping a Red Bull and Coke when all was finished. But an exhausted Britney needed some rest and relaxation while shooting. "She left all the actors waiting an extra hour so she could get a massage," adds the insider. "But Britney is back to her old self again, she's working harder than ever!" The song is the third single from her album Circus and the hotter-than-ever star will kick off her U.S. tour on March 3.

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