Monday, May 25, 2009

Britney At 'Laura Lynne's' Wedding + Rumored Plans For The Year

This is an excerpt from a "not so nice" article on 'Lainey Gossip.' I refuse to use all the material from the article, writer bitch acts like she was in attendance at the wedding or some shit. Clearly she was left off the guest list, and is taking out her aggressions, in a bullshit article.

Britney looked amazing. In a brown dress to the ankle, v in the front and back, hair was straight, didn’t look budget, good makeup, and very white teeth. Always the teeth. While Jamie Lynn mingled with guests, happily showed off her baby with her recovered baby daddy, and acted like a normal person, Britney spent the entire time sitting at a table in the back, with her assistant and a bodyguard and a man they all called “the douchey boyfriend”, believed to be her agent Jason Trawick who was seen in the Bahamas with her last week. Trawick walked around like he’s better than everyone else, giving the impression that he was wasting his time at a Southern wedding with people who don’t matter.

Meanwhile, the relentless push of Team Britney continues.

They have more plans, endless plans, in the works. Two weeks ago, Britney reshot her Candie’s ads with Matthew Rolston and word is, her Machine is considering a photo book in time for the holidays to go along with a couple of Christmas songs. Money, money, money…

Determined to make up the money that’s been squandered over the last few years. That’s apparently the excuse. They want to get the bank account back up to what it was. And they’ve promised her she can quit when they fill up the tank again.

In case you gave up reading in the middle of the excerpt, apparently Britney has some cool things coming up, in 2009. A photo book, and some Christmas songs! That sounds good. I love Christmas music, and I think it's time we had a good Britney Christmas album. Don't you? I'll totally buy it.

Thanx to BritneyExclusive for this !!

PLUS... See a -blurry- pic of Jamie-Lynn with others HERE

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